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Dark Feminine Guru



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Are you tired of living a life where the whispers of your inner shadow dictate your choices, leaving you drained and unfulfilled?

Because I get it, I used to live life on autopilot. It felt like bad luck was drawn to me like a magnet.

But what if I told you there’s a reason for this? And what if I told you there’s a solution?

What is your Shadow Self?

Your Shadow Self is that voice within you that holds you back, makes you doubt yourself, and keeps you trapped in the pattern of people-pleasing. It's the part of you that's been ignored for too long, and it's time to acknowledge her, befriend her, and transmute her energy into a force for positive change.

Once I started befriending my Shadow Self, my desires started magnetising to me with ease. I can manifest literally anything by putting it on my vision board and claiming it… from friends, to money, to love.

And it gets to be yours too.

Recommendation: Do this meditation every day for at least one week and keep a journal near to write down everything that comes up.

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