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Dark Feminine Guru



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It was a dark time in my life when I began desperately seeking answers to my dating issues. It felt like I was cursed to constantly attract toxic, unresponsive guys who'd lead me on and then would ghost me. I felt so much rage - towards them, towards me. 

I tried all of the seduction hacks. I would mimic their body language, I would appear nicer with my own body language, do my makeup in a certain way. And when none of this worked, the rage increased. I would see my friends in healthy relationships and I would wonder what they were doing right. 

But that's when I came across manifestation, and that led me into a rabbithole of spirituality and psychology. Not only could I analyse WHY these guys were wounded, I knew the energetics of why I was attracting them!

Suddenly, my life improved. My dates became more fun, I started being treated by a literal princess by everyone, and I started radiating this luxurious energy where only high-value men would enter my dating field. I had friends literally asking me if I was doing witchcraft! 

So if you're ready to step into your high-vibe dating life and end the struggle of wondering if that guy is thinking about you, it's time to end the cycle of attracting toxic guys and finally empower yourself!

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have added a new chapter full of Dark Feminine dating secrets that are too juicy to post publicly. Read at your own risk.



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