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Dark Feminine Guru



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In the Premium Dark Feminine Coven, we offer a sanctuary for high-value women who want to embrace their true selves, elevate their lives, and form meaningful connections. Whether you're seeking empowerment, personal growth, or a deeper spiritual connection, our coven provides the perfect space for you.

What We Offer:

🌑 New Moon and Full Moon Group Rituals

Harness the energy of the moon to set powerful intentions and release what no longer serves you. Our guided rituals will help you align with the cosmic energies and manifest your deepest desires.

🧘‍♀️ Weekly Group Meditations

Recharge and reconnect with yourself through our weekly meditations. These sessions are designed to help you delve deeper into your subconscious, fostering self-discovery and inner peace.

💬 Tight-Knit Community

Join a community of like-minded dark feminines who understand and support you. Build lasting friendships, share experiences, and grow together in a safe and judgment-free environment.

🔮 Personal Growth and Elevation

Access exclusive content, workshops, and resources that empower you to become the best version of yourself. Our coven is dedicated to helping you unlock your potential and achieve your goals.

Why Join Us?

Safe Space for Vulnerability

We understand the struggles of feeling isolated or misunderstood. Our coven provides a safe space where you can be vulnerable and express your true self without fear of judgment.

Empowerment and Elevation

Experience personal growth and empowerment through our carefully curated rituals, meditations, and community support. Elevate your life and step into your power as a dark feminine.

Deep Connections

Form deep, meaningful connections with other women who share your journey. Our community is a supportive network that uplifts and inspires you every step of the way.

Testimonials From Past Events:

“Thank you so much for this. Gave me lots of clarity and relaxation. Will definitely be having a lovely peaceful evening of resting and recharging. Ready for a fresh, new, enlightening day tomorrow with my new and improved self-concept. Lovely energy from all of you.”

“This is the most powerful group l've joined tbh. I've been in several groups in person and online, but this is the strongest and most honest in vibes.”


NOTE: You will receive a document containing the link to join the server. If the link has expired, please message me on instagram @darkfeminineguru or email

Embrace Your Power. Connect with Your Essence. Elevate Your Life.

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