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Dark Feminine Guru



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Are you tired of playing guessing games in your love life? Do you feel frustrated watching others find healthy, fulfilling relationships while you’re stuck in a cycle of toxic encounters?

This 3-day online retreat is designed to help you harness your inner power, cultivate irresistible confidence, and create magnetic attraction. Learn the art of Dark Feminine energy and transform your love life.

What You’ll Get:

  • How to Date Rich Men: Strategies and techniques for attracting affluent partners.
  • Becoming Seductive and Irresistible: Unleash your dark feminine energy to captivate high-value men.
  • Exclusive Access: Join a private Instagram group chat where you can ask me anything & connect with other dark femmes. You'll also have access to my premium discord server where I host weekly meditations.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Receive special discounts on all my products.
  • Empowerment: End feelings of worthlessness and step into your power.


Day 1: The Enchanted Empress: Manifesting High-Value Men

Session: Becoming Worshipped - Cultivate a Goddess Mindset

    • Develop a mindset that commands respect and admiration.
    • Techniques to shift your energy and become irresistibly magnetic.
    • Discover how to embody and project luxurious energy that attracts love & wealth.
    • Practical exercises to enhance your presence and allure.
    • Powerful manifestation techniques to draw high-value men into your life.

Day 2: Seductive Sovereignty: Unleashing Your Dark Feminine Power

Session: From Worthless to Worthy - Empowering Your Inner Queen  

    • Overcome feelings of worthlessness and embrace your inherent value.
    • Transformative practices to boost self-worth and self-love.
    • Strategies to build and maintain supreme confidence in yourself.
    • How to project confidence in every aspect of your life and dating.
    • Rituals and practices to tap into your dark feminine power.

Day 3: The Regal Queen: Mastering High-Value Dating

Session: The Confident Muse - Building Unshakable Self-Confidence

    • Techniques to exude an irresistible, seductive aura.
    • Crafting your royal aura - dressing, speaking, and moving like royalty.
    • Strategies for meeting and engaging rich men.
    • Building lasting connections and transforming dates into relationships.
    • Align your desires with the universe to attract abundance.

This juicy offer is restricted to the first 100 women who sign up! We start on 17th June.

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