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Dark Feminine Guru



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Recently gone through a horrible break-up? With a friend? With a lover? Or do you just want to end the pattern of attracting toxicity into your life?

This thoughtfully-written 28-day workbook is designed for you to heal from any past toxic relationships and become the best version of yourself, as you are taken through different prompts and a multitude of self-love activities. 

It's time to heal, and it's time to finally put an end to the tedious cycle of toxicity - it's time for a mental declutter. 

In this workbook, some of the things you will find are:

  • Prompts related to healing attachment issues.
  • Daily gratitude lists. 
  • A variety of manifestation prompts (e.g., affirmations, scripting, journalling). 
  • Shadow Work questions and activities related to the relationships in your life.

"My life has transformed since using this workbook, I love it!" Amanda, Beta Reader

"I would highly recommend this ebook to anyone who has gone through a rough breakup, it really helped me with healing from my toxic ex." Lola, Beta Reader

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