22 Ways to Practice Self-Love

22 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Everyone has one of those days. You're feeling like sh*t, and everything seems to be going completely wrong. You're maybe angry at a bad hair day, or annoyed that your skin feels drier than usual.


For some people, that bad feeling that lingers doesn't just linger for a day. It follows them around every second of every day.


If you believe you're one of those people, I really hope this post will help you. Here are 22 ways you can boost your self-concept and start loving yourself!


  1. While getting changed, put on some loud music and dance!

  2. Admire your face when getting ready every morning. Aim to think of 10 compliments to give yourself per day.

  3. Admire your figure when getting ready at the start of your day. See if there are celebrities with a similar body type and observe what outfits look best on them.

  4. Think of a positive affirmation about something you dislike about yourself, and write this affirmation 30x for 30 days.

  5. Write a letter to your inner child, telling them about your aspirations. Say things you've healed from, things you intend to do in order to heal and tell your inner child that you're proud of them.

  6. Treat self-care like a ritual. Put on certain face masks and affirm that you project an aura of power, that you're likeable and anything else.

  7. Make a list of the things you're proud of. Little things you've done that day, big achievements. Think of things that you did which made you feel amazing in the moment.

  8. Do a quantum jumping meditation! There are many free ones on YouTube.

  9. Try doing the 369 method and see how that makes you feel throughout the day. Write an affirmation 3x in the morning, 6x in the afternoon and 9x in the evening / before you sleep.

  10. If you're feeling extremely anxious about something, take a moment, get some paper and write 'I can do _____' until you feel better.

  11. Put on a few productivity subliminals and leave them on a speaker while you're cleaning your room. It feels so much better to sit in a clean space.

  12. Decorate your manifestation space. Put some images of your desired reality, make a vision board. When you're manifesting, you want to associate this space with positivity. Manifesting in a good mood is the best way to go.

  13. If you have nothing to do and you're exhausted, snuggle up and watch some TV shows for a day. Rest and recharge before you get back out there and get things done!

  14. Write a letter to yourself in a month. Tell them how proud you are of them, write your aspirations for yourself in a month and write positive things. Read this letter a month later, maybe when you're feeling a bit down to pick yourself up.

  15. Research celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande. Observe their manifestation strategies and aim to implement them into your life.

  16. Create a playlist full of songs with positive lyrics, and listen to this playlist when you're getting ready for the day and when you're getting ready for bed. You can also listen to it when you're in a bad mood (it works so much better than listening to depressing music, which makes you feel sadder in most cases).

  17. Find some new books to read (or some audiobooks to listen to). You could start researching a new topic for fun if you're feeling restless too.

  18. Design your ideal self as if it were a character in the Sims. Give them certain traits, assign them a mindset, an aesthetic, whichever celebrities you feel are similar to this alter ego. Then aim to embody this person.

  19. If you're feeling particularly bored, try on some clothes! You can go to a shop try on clothes for fun, or you can scavenge your wardrobe and find clothes that have been left untouched. Do a mini fashion walk in your room, have some fun!

  20. Go to a rage room and break things! Your inner teen will be thanking you.

  21. Take a break off social media and dedicate a day for reading self-help and self-love books. You'll feel so much more fulfilled and it'll feel like you spent a day on something that's worth the time.

  22. List everything you're grateful for until your hand hurts. Unlike #7, you'll be writing things you're thankful but in all aspects of your life.

Love you all!

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